Addiction Recovery Support Services

Addiction Recovery Support Services

Your Compassionate Family Advocate

The Be A Loving Mirror® approach

"We imagine a world in which every individual has the opportunity and support they require to help them build a life of recovery one moment at a time and every family has the mindset and skills to help them blaze the trail to recovery in their home. We invite you to imagine your world without relapse." ~The BALM®Institute

Changing the Face of Family Life

Family members often suffer even more than loved ones. I help you create new, more effective strategies to help you get your life back as you learn how to help your struggling loved one get their life back on track. I show you how you can be your loved one's best chance at recovery.

What our clients are saying

Recovery is a process and it takes time. As your loved one recovers and works with professionals, this is the family’s opportunity to recover and learn from top professionals as well, all in a very cost-effective, flexible, and comprehensive program.

Jake JansenOwner of My Recovery Project LLC and Addiction Recovery Environment HomesLLC

The BALM program isn't just transformative for the individual family members. It's transformative for the family dynamic, for the treatment process, and for the clinicians who work with our clients daily.

Dixie Brown Executive DirectorWillow Place for Women

Through the BALM Program, my family was able to learn and develop skills for dealing with an addicted loved one in a positive and loving manner. It contributed directly to the well-being of our family and its’ members. It also teaches you to be calm through meditation, breathing, and other techniques that contribute to your healing.

A BALM Parent

Information - Transformation - Support

Learn how you and three other family members can be your loved one's BEST chance at recovery!

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